Rockbox - Boiling Point Overdrive/Boost Guitar Pedal

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Rockbox - Boiling Point Overdrive/Boost Guitar Pedal

Downsizing gear to clear up storage. This pedal has been a game changer to my overdrive and tone over the past several years. Really straight forward and easy to use in terms of dialing in your tone and get straight to playing.

From Manufacturer:
The Boiling Point Overdrive Boost incorporates a 3 position diode selector for a nearly endless variety of harmonic flavor. In the Plexi mode, the pedal has very Marshall-like response. For the Symmetrical Overdrive mode, we gave the pedal a truly organic, tube-like distortion, with greater output. You will notice the overtones and response is like no other pedal. The middle position is a clean boost, with more than enough gain to send your favorite tube amp into overdrive heaven. While we gave the Overdrive Boost a tremendous amount of gain, we paid close attention to how the pedal cleans up. If you are a volume knob player, you will love how this pedal will clean up for a thick, creamy clean rhythm sound. True-bypass switching.